Monday, February 27, 2006

You already know.

Was there ever a love so great...
That nobody saw,
Nobody felt,
Nobody recognized...
Untill they needed it the most, was there all along.

This is the love i have for you.
You can have it any time.
All you have to do is.......

Monday, February 20, 2006

Week in Pictures...

So i found my adapter (read below post) this is what happenned

Mr. Spire Competition....had to dress up in some wierd outfits....i'll explain. Me and Kate "Ms. Spire" Schebaum.

"Spire Attire" - pretty much dressing up in anything Saint Mary's. I decided to dress up as an actual spire (top of a church building....also, our school mascot.....go figure)

"Formal wear - from any decade" - you may think im a pirate, but this is the actual formal wear worn by Australian convicts. That's history for ya!

"Street clothes" - clothes from the street right?? Ohh.

The HCC crew catchin up at Jana's birthday party

Jana and Lance - the birthday twins! Was awesome hangin out with you guys!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

4 hour sleep week!

Yep. It's been that kinda week. You let yourself get in the habit of thinking that 5 hours of a SLEEP-IN!!! Man....i've gotta kick this habit.

So this is another update i guess. Poetry's takin a back seat. This week has just had too much happen to it to let it here goes.

So Tuesday....i won the whole Mr. Spire deal. It was pretty funny. I won a cape and a crown and lost a lot of shame (had to paint my toenails!). I wish i could post some pictures, but i guess i've lost my adapter for my camera.......what a nails looked so good.

Wednesday. Got the call from Cypress Creek Christian Church in Houston, TX (, and they offered me a youth intern position at their church for the summer with their high school group!!!! I was really stoked. God has blessed me abundantly with that oppurtunity, and even though i've never been to their church before, and I will be missing some valuable time with my buddies here in KS, i'm looking forward to learning a whole bunch from the group in Houston! I even got to write a letter to the's an excerpt:

"During my college years, I really felt like God was pulling me towards ministry, and especially towards the youth (Hey, that’s you!). I made the decision to dedicate my life to doing His will and developing a relationship with Him……and it has been A – MAZING. I’ve taken some pretty hard falls during that time, and gone through a lot of tests (which I’d be glad to talk to you about), but I have learned that God is faithful in everything He puts us through and that He will never lead us into things that are too much for us to bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). Based on this, I just live my life FULL OUT for God, and hold nothing back. You’ll find out that I can be a little weird at times….a little dorky…. and a little tall? But I am passionate and serious about our God and the love He has for all of us through His son. I can’t wait to meet y’all (oh man, the lingo has caught on already!)"

Please be prayin for the youth of Cypress Creek and that my experience there will help all of us draw closer to Him.
Youth group on Wednesday was awesome too. It was a lot of fun for everyone and i got to hang out with the youth again...which is always good (Love you guys!!!)

Thursday.....crazy day. Senior night for basketball. Im gonna was pretty tough to get recognized for this year....i got really choked up about the idea of not playing college basketball again. You really do realize how much you miss things when they're gone, and with my injury, it has been difficult this year (still nursing a torn hamstring). But I've been taught so much through that experience...even through the bad times......
That night i had an 7-pager to write, and stayed up way to late trying to get it done....took a nap and got up and finished it though.

Friday.....4 classes later, i'm at Zona Rosa, and my old roomate Lance gives me a call, telling me he'll be in Leavenworth for the weekend! I was super excited, and it was really good hangin out with him. We went ghost hunting on campus when he got in (well, just toured the campus at night). I introduced him to a couple of St. Mary's buddies, and we just stayed up all hours. to 7pm...nuff said. Lance's birthday also.....we ate dinner with his volleyball team as he was at a v-ball tournament all weekend (reason he was at St. Mary's). We went to Lawrence that night and caught up with our mutual friend, Jana...who was also celebrating a birthday. It was great to see her and to meet her friends.......miss hangin out with those two. with no was awesome! the sense that i got to talk to heaps of people and meet a couple new. Our church is growing really fast, and the atmosphere is really unintrusive. It's just one big family....i love it. Got to hang out with Tara (friend from school) too.....haven't done that in a while. We talked about just about everything....she's great for that.

Well as you can probably dyin on ya....4 hour sleep week has definately caught up with me....and its time to visit Sleepytown for at least 8 hours.....Goodnight Sweet World......and God Bless!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Same blog...same guy....different skin

Hey everyone......

So as some of you might be able to tell, i've been fiddling around with my blog just recently. Kinda gave it a new face....hope you like the new additions. can use the message board as much as you like, i think it's starting to feel lonely.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback on my poetry. Yeah, its a little rusty and raw...but it helps so much in expressing how you feel. I really didn't think i could write some of the stuff i have (not that it's great to begin with), but it's workin for me and that's what i like about it. I would recommend anyone to give it a go.

Not much to update on....
  • Im in the Mr. and Ms. Spire competition tommorrow: part of our Tower Power week at St. Mary's. Ill post some photos of me making a fool of myself.
  • I have moved into a new apartment: It's much bigger and a little more homey. I know you can't see much from the picture....but i like it.
  • Still out of basketball :( my hammy has been torn for the good part of the semester, and our senior night game is on thursday...probably miss that. It's been...let me experience at St. Mary's for me with basketball. In a sense, im glad its coming to an end.
  • I've been posting a lot more?!?!? Wierd, i now.....must be due to having Tuesday's off school. I feel like i have so much reality, its not true :(

Keep in your prayers....

  • One of my good friends from Highland, KS, Cheryl Rasmussen, had to put her beloved dog Coda to sleep this week due to a nervous system disease. Cheryl is a great friend, and her house is pretty quiet without Coda.
  • One of Cheryl's good friends, Angie Eberly, just found out after taking a pregnancy test at the doctors office that she is 4 and a half months pregnant!!! It came as quite a surprise, but i hear she is pretty excited. Pray that she might be prepared for this amazing addition to her family
  • Garry Davis, a great friend of mine from the summer at camp, is about to give a talk to his Christian fraternity about homosexuality. God has really been preparing him for this event, and it seems like this may be a great ministry oppurtunity for Garry. He's a dear friend and i'd love for you to pray for him.
  • Our youth group at the Vineyard along with other churches has just embarked on "The 7 Project". An idea that is designed to tackle 6 problems facing teens with 7 solutions. Later in the year, we will go to Leavenworth HS and talk to the kids about these 6 issues and invite them to a youth rally event. It has proven to be very successful in many cities around the nation, and i really hope that God uses this event to touch a lot of the troubled youth in Leavenworth. There is a great desire to reach the youth in Leavenworth and show them a better way of life in this drug infested city. Please keep this in your prayers.
  • My family. My bro is havin a hard time readjusting to living at home since being here in the US. Its putting a lot of tension on the family. Pray for their salvation and their relationship with the Lord. I know He loves them very much.

Well that's about it.....i think i might stick with the poetry thing for a while.....but i'll update from time to time. Love all of you heaps! Let me know what's goin on in your life!

God Bless,

Brenton, Bob, BJ......whatever!

Marana Tha

Beside my schedule,
Aside from the incident,
Inside that cage
My heart is displaced.

For how hard shall I toil?
For how long shall I wait?

Will the sweat from my brow
Give salt to the soil?
My friend, my Rose,
I want you to blossom.

Ahhh...Grace wont shower till my work!
And the petals will fragrance
Before my heart is found.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

For you.

That hole inside your body
That's filled up with unknowing
Is a glimpse in time away
From becoming what you want.

I wish i could give it to you
But words cannot express
The pain, the embaressment, the anger
That i want to undress.

I wish it could feel what I've felt
That emptiness and strife
From the ugliness of past
Turned darkness into light.

What more could i ask for?
I ask just one more tear
For the love, forgiveness and compassion
I want you to hear.